I’m Jonathan, founder of the site and self-confessed car nut!

Obsessed with anything on four wheels, I’ve been hooked on racing since watching the classic Formula 1 rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauder back in the 1970’s.

But it’s not all about going fast though, I’ve always made sure to research the best rated and safest cars for me and my family. People often have a “car friend” that they go to for advice about buying a new car or what to look for when inspecting a used one. Well, that’s me.

I grew up working on cars, not rebuilding engines exactly, but doing my own oil changes and replacing brake pads. I’m a firm believer in DIY whether it’s around the house or in the garage – and I want you to know that with a few basic tools and a bit of confidence, you can do the same too.

It might seem like modern cars especially are “sealed units”, and you can’t work on them without a degree in computer science, but there’s still a lot you can do on your driveway with a bit of patience and selection of inexpensive tools.

Most motorists can and should get to know their vehicles- and how to keep them in good running order and what to look for when they’re going wrong. Getting your hands a bit greasy learning how to perform basic maintenance will teach you new skills and save you a lot of money in the long run. It’s why I set up the site.

But this site’s not just about working on your own car- I like to keep up to date with new technology and developments in the car industry, and right now it’s a particularly exciting time- electric vehicles are joining the mainstream and they’re set to revolutionise the way we drive, for good.

So whether you’re a new driver who’s looking for a bit of basic car know-how, or a seasoned driver with an interest in what’s round the corner for all-things cars, welcome to the site and thanks for reading!

Take a look under our bonnet, kick the tyres and feel free to get in touch any time you like.


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