A car is more than just a way to get from point A to point B, but could also be a window to your personality.

The colour of your car is said to represent certain traits of its owner and there might be more to choosing it than just finding a look you like.

What is the most popular car colour? The most popular car colour on the road in the UK is black, with just over 20% of drivers preferring this colour, according to a survey conducted by FleetNews.

However, when looking at newly registered cars, white appears to be the more popular choice, even though it’s in fifth place overall for the country.

If you’re in the market for a new car and find yourself stuck on colour choice, you’ll be interested to know what the most popular options are and what your final decision can mean.

We’re here to explore trends in car colours over the years and what the colour of your car can reveal about your personality.

The Most Popular Car Colours

The Most Popular Car Colours

One look on the roads while you’re driving should make it obvious what Britain’s favourite car colours are, but it might not be exactly what you think.

According to a survey conducted by FleetNews that used data from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, black was the most popular car colour on the road today with around 6.5 million vehicles representing it.

The runner-up is silver, which should be no surprise, and then blue cars in third place.

Following this, grey and then white were the next favourites, but the report also showed that white cars were the fastest growing in popularity for newly registered cars, and expected to overtake black as the leader sometime in the future.

The UK doesn’t appear alone in this colour favouritism though, and when you look at the stats in other countries it’s much the same for the winner.

In the US, black is also their favourite colour choice, but this is followed by white, grey, and then silver, so it’s slightly different here.

Globally, white is the leader in 2020 and accounts for 38% of all cars sold around the world.

This is a huge market share for the colour to grab, and when you see what it potentially says about its owner, it’s no wonder the basic hue is so popular.

Car Colour Trends Through History

Car Colour Trends Through History

A look back at cars through history will paint a very different picture to what we see today.

Although in modern times, it’s common to see a car in a neutral colour like white, black, or grey, when the dawn of motoring occurred in the 1920s, cars were painted in bright combinations and using many different colours.

During the 1930s, when the depression era hit, these bold colours slowed down a bit, and people were less likely to buy these custom bodies with crazy designs.

One of the first publically marketed cars to be a solely black colour was from Citroen when they adjusted the design of an earlier car and removed the coloured wheels.

The trend of multi-coloured cars began to fade during the 1960s as the design of cars called for it with the removal of fins.

This ushered in a new era when metallic paint became popular, although it had been available for over 30 years, and today it’s still a popular choice for car owners.

In the late 70s, Porsche had a hand in bringing black into popularity with their 930 Turbo and black cars were starting to feature in films and TV, which made them a huge hit with everyday drivers.

In the 1980s, metallic paints became the norm and it was rarer to see colours like black, white, and red on the streets, although they certainly have made a comeback today.

The Psychology Behind Car Colours and Their Owners

The Psychology Behind Car Colours and Their Owners

The colour of a car is more than just a design choice, as experts believe it can also give an insight into our personality.

These are what some of the top car colours are said to represent about their owners.

  • White: A white car is seen as super clean, and the owner likes to live their life like this as well. If you have a white car you might be a little on the safe side, take pride in keeping your belongings clean, and even be considered direct by some. There’s not a lot of imagination to the car but as the most popular colour worldwide, it represents a safe and modern choice.
  • Black: Black is the classic car colour for people who like a touch of elegance, even if they don’t have the latest or hottest car model. People who gravitate towards black cars find the colour empowering and there’s a good chance they like to wear a lot of black clothes too, as it’s cool but powerful at the same time.
  • Blue: A blue car signifies that its owner is trustworthy but depending on its shade, it could mean different things. Light blue cars are owned by people who are considered calm and loyal. Dark blue cars are for people who prefer a bit of wildness in their lives and see themselves as the authority figure.
  • Silver: Silver car drivers prefer the finer things in life and they see their metallic vehicle as a way to show that. They might see themselves as more elegant than regular folk and having a shiny coloured car like this means others can see it as well.
  • Pearl: The pearl car is seen as a step up from plain old white, and if you’re driving one, you probably see yourselves as a step up from the rest as well. This shiny, shimmery white represents glamour and excellence and if you just had to get your car in pearl, you probably resonate with this somewhat.
  • Grey: A grey car is owned by someone happy to fly under the radar and certainly didn’t want a silver or gold metallic car making them feel exposed. If you own a grey car, you’re probably pragmatic and sensible, as the colour fits these criteria as well.
  • Red: If you have a vibrant red car, you’re pretty outgoing, and probably have a lot of energy. These cars are allegedly known for being owned by speeding drivers and that may be true if you like to live life on the edge. For a blue-red mix, you might feel the same but want to keep it hidden a little more than the dynamic red drivers. There’s still an element of spiciness but just toned down some.
  • Orange: People driving orange cars are more likely to be artistic types and looking for a chance to stand out any way they can. Your personality is complex and you’re hard to get a read on, so this colour of a car is the perfect way to show it.

More Than Just Aesthetics

When most people buy a new car, they usually choose the colour of it based on what looks good to them, but it could say more about their inner feelings than they realise.

Even if you don’t agree with what the experts say your car’s colour says about your personality, it’s still interesting to note how these trends changed over the years and will continue to do so in the future.

Related Questions

A car’s colour is just one feature you’ll need to think of when shopping around for a new vehicle, but it can have a lot of impact on how you care for it.

If you want to learn more about why colour matters when choosing a car, read on to see the answers to some commonly asked questions about it.

Can You Take a Black Car Through a Carwash?

Can You Take a Black Car Through a Carwash?

Black cars can be more susceptible to swirl marks and scratches, so you need to be careful when washing them and avoid taking them through a carwash.

Most cars should avoid going through a car wash, no matter their colour, as it’s an abrasive way to clean them and can lead to permanent damage.

Can You Wash a White Car With Bleach?

Bleach should never be used as a cleaning agent on a car, regardless of its colour. Even a bleach and water solution that’s been diluted will discolour the paint and destroy the metal of the car’s body.

As bleach is an oxidising agent, it causes a reaction when applied to certain elements and should not be applied to a car.


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